13 Questions To Answer Before You Die

This is for the readers out there that believe that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. The leaders who believe a company can transform their future with a single question. The deep thinkers that live by the power of inquiry. The ones who Start With Why.

Just Launched: Long-Term Stock Exchange For Companies Building Lasting Impact For All Their Stakeholders

The Long-Term Stock Exchange, the brainchild of lean startup guru Eric Ries, just launched. Its aim: to address the difficulties faced by public companies that have their eye on building an enterprise with lasting impact.

What Makes A Blockchain Project Successful?

Having an interest in a space but lacking expertise is a recipe for failure.

Own Mineral Rights? Watch Out For These Common Pitfalls

In my almost 14 years in the mineral rights management industry, I’ve heard stories of countless people missing out on millions of dollars – and they often never have a clue.

Four Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking To Hire An 'Intrapreneur'

There are four key questions an employer should ask themselves when looking to hire intrapreneurial staff members.

Adding A New Revenue Stream: A Hedge Against Risk During Uncertain Times

The practice of considering new products, services and lines of business not only staves off complacency with the status quo, but also it helps fortify the lifeblood of any enterprise: its cashflow.

The Future Of Work (Part 1): An Agile Mentality

Here's how to update your mental operating system to compete with the future market.

Two Principles For Building More Inclusive Economies

With calls now abounding for better representation of women and minorities across industries, leaders in every city and industry should reflect on the roles they can play in building more inclusive economies.

How The Wellness Industry Has Changed During The Pandemic

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, health and wellness have become more important than ever before. And the wellness industry has pivoted fast.

How Business Leaders Can Rethink, Redesign And Reimagine Recycling

Creating a company is about reimagining the future, and it's essential that all businesses consider their impact on the environment.

Some Workers Face Looming Cutoffs in Health Insurance

Coverage is a major expense for employers, especially those in small businesses, as they deal with the pandemic’s economic fallout. Many may face end-of-year renewal deadlines that are harder and harder to afford.

New DOJ Filing: TikTok's Owner Is 'A Mouthpiece' Of Chinese Communist Party

In a new court filing, the Trump administration offers its most thorough explanation to date of why it considers the hit video-sharing app a national security threat.

Returns affected by e-filing outage will be timely if filed by Sept. 17

For tax returns with a Sept. 15 due date that were affected by an e-filing software outage, the IRS will treat a return and any elections that were filed with that return as timely filed if the taxpayer successfully e-filed the return and any elections by Sept. 17, 2020.

Some Listener Questions!

Cardiff and Stacey answer some listener questions about the rebounding demand for gas, the rise of contactless payments, and how wages have changed for low-income workers over the past few years.

Sell Me Your Climate Bombs

There are tanks all over the U.S. that are like little climate change time bombs, ticking away. Today on the show, getting to them before they go off. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

Debbie Millman: Why Does Design Matter?

For Debbie Millman, host of the podcast Design Matters, design is everywhere. She joins Manoush to explore ideas and curate talks about the role of design in our lives.

Civil Rights Groups Say If Facebook Won't Act On Election Misinformation, They Will

Facebook critics are banding together to monitor misinformation, hate speech and voter suppression on the social network because, they argue, it has fallen short.

RIP Business Suit?

For 400 years, the business suit has been a staple in men's fashion...then the pandemic struck. Today on the show, the end of the business suit?

Facebook, Twitter Remove More Russian-Backed Fake Accounts Ahead Of Election

The social media companies said the accounts and pages were linked to Russian actors that had launched "hack-and-leak" operations to hurt Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Pandemic Sparks New Businesses

For some people losing jobs during the pandemic is a chance to start the business of their dreams.

When A Tornado Hits A Toy Store: Photo Shows Reality Of Working From Home With Kids

The photo on Twitter shows scientist Gretchen Goldman sitting behind her laptop being interviewed by CNN. She's in the middle of a living room that has been turned upside down by her young children.

United Airlines Says It Will Offer Travelers Coronavirus Tests At The Airport

A pilot program on flights from San Francisco to Hawaii would give on-the-spot tests for the virus that causes COVID-19. Travelers who test negative would not be required to quarantine upon arrival.

No Trick Or Treat: Americans Get Creative To Celebrate Halloween Safely

The CDC is advising against the door-to-door candy quest during the pandemic. So parents are coming up with alternative ways to bring the spooky season to life. How about sending candy down a chute?

When Everybody's Working At Home And The Magic Is Gone

Face-to-face contact has long been seen as crucial to workplace creativity. But what do you do when in-person collaboration could pose a serious health risk in the COVID-19 era?

'Desperation And Fear' For Millions With Congress Deadlocked Over Pandemic Assistance

Federal unemployment money has been cut off for nearly two months. Congress hasn't worked out a deal to send more help, and the fight over a Supreme Court nominee could make that harder.

The Invention Of Paper Money

Paper currency has become standard around the world, but that wasn't always the case. Planet Money host Jacob Goldstein tells the story of how paper money came to be — and why it temporarily went away.

TikTok: Even A Temporary Ban Could Make 90% Of Users Quit The App

Lawyers for popular video app TikTok are asking a federal judge to block President Trump's order banning the app from taking effect on Sunday.

REDMAP (Update)

The result of national elections is shaped in a big and underappreciated way by very local elections. This is the story of the man who shaped many, many local elections to tip the national scales. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

'No One Can Live Off $240 A Week': Many Americans Struggle To Pay Rent, Bills

One in six households reported missing or delaying paying bills just so they could buy food, an NPR poll says. And many are having trouble paying the rent, especially African Americans and Latinos.

Trump Warns Social Media As Justice Department Aims To Weaken Tech's Legal Shield

The Justice Department's proposal would hold Facebook and Twitter more accountable for users' posts. One critic says the Trump administration is "trying to work the refs ahead of the election."

Cost Of Racism: U.S. Economy Lost $16 Trillion Because Of Discrimination, Bank Says

Citigroup estimates the economy would see a $5 trillion boost over the next five years if the U.S. were to tackle key areas of discrimination against African Americans.

Uncle Ben's Changing Name To Ben's Original After Criticism Of Racial Stereotyping

"We understand the inequities that were associated with the name and face of the Uncle Ben's brand and ... we have committed to change," the parent company said in a statement.

Pandemic Fizzle: Sizzler Steakhouse Chain Files For Bankruptcy Protection

The restaurant chain, which first opened 62 years ago, says it wants to keep all of its locations open. There are more than 100 Sizzler restaurants in the U.S.

Lenders will not file Form 1099-C for forgiven PPP loans

The IRS issued guidance telling lenders they should not file Form 1099-C, Cancellation of Debt, or furnish a payee statement to the borrower when a Paycheck Protection Program loan is forgiven.

Final regs. outline trust and estate expenses still deductible under TCJA

The IRS issued final regulations for distinguishing trusts’ and estates’ allowable deductions from miscellaneous itemized deductions currently suspended by the law known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

IRS issues more bonus depreciation rules

The IRS issued final bonus depreciation regulations and withdrew proposed regulations.

Final regs. govern CFC downward attribution

The IRS issued final regulations on the downward attribution rules of controlled foreign corporations, whose treatment had been changed by the law known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Small Businesses Need Rent Breaks. But Landlords Are in Crisis, Too.

Some landlords are adjusting rent, while others hold firm. Their decisions are reshaping New York City’s neighborhoods.

Unable to Pay Rent, Small Businesses Hope for a Deal With Their Landlord

Months of pandemic-related closures have left many business owners too deeply in debt to survive without concessions or deferrals.

Is This the End of the New York Yoga Studio?

Soaring rents, the pandemic and the rise of the Instagram yogi could mean the demise of the urban wellness oasis.

E-filing problems plague some Sept. 15 tax returns

Some practitioners who attempted to file returns on Sept. 15 ran into technical difficulties that prevented them from e-filing returns by the midnight deadline. The AICPA is talking to the IRS about relief for the problem.

Premium tax credit unaffected by zeroing of personal exemptions

The IRS makes clear in final regulations that the health care premium tax credit calculation is unaffected by the personal exemption decrease to zero.

Final regulations define 'qualifying relative'

The IRS finalized proposed regulations defining “qualifying relative” for tax years 2018–2025, in which the personal exemption amount is zero.

Final regs. govern eligible terminated S corporation rules

The IRS finalized proposed regulations on eligible terminated S corporations, a new provision enacted under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that provided favorable treatment for corporations that wished to terminate their S elections.

IRS issues 2020–2021 per-diem rates

The IRS issued the 2020-2021 per-diem rates for business travelers who incur expenses while traveling away from home.

Implementing the payroll tax deferral, part 2

Treasury and the IRS have issued much-anticipated guidance on just how the deferral applies and how the taxes are likely to have to be repaid. Hear more in this podcast episode.

Pandemic makes meeting Sept. 15 filing deadline difficult

Tax practitioners have expressed concerns that they will not be able to meet looming Sept. 15 tax filing deadlines for a variety of reasons related to the global pandemic.

6 more IRS forms can be filed with e-signatures

The IRS added six more forms to the list of forms that can now be signed electronically to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Justice Dept. Announces Dozens of Fraud Charges in Small-Business Aid Program

Fifty-seven people were charged with trying to steal more than $175 million from the Paycheck Protection Program, law enforcement officials said.

London Offices Aren’t Refilling Fast Enough for Shops Relying on Them

The British government and business lobby want workers to return to support surrounding businesses, but some city offices are only 15 percent full.