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How can you pay me?

Please note that at Prestige ProServe we strive our best to ease the process by availing as many options for you to make a payment for services rendered. However, for whichever method you use, be sure to attach to the payment a subject matter, and or an invoice number with date, such that your fund can properly be allocated.

Payment Agreement

I hereby acknowledge that I am in agreement with the service fee quoted to me and understand that it is my obligation to pay, as agreed with any ProServe's officer, once the subject matter service(s) is processed/prepared/rendered based on the information I have provided, regardless of whether I opt not to use the resulting report(s), for any reason. Should I fail to pay the full amount specified in any invoice immediately after the service is deemed rendered and on the invoice’s date, a late fee equal to $35.00 shall be added to the amount due, and interest of 10% percent per annum shall accrue from the 3rd business day following the invoice’s date. In the event of tax preparation work, should any tax authority, state(s) or IRS, decides or happens to audit the tax return in question as specified on a related agreement, and should it NOT be any fault or error of the firm's representatives, an hourly rate of $95.00, at a minimum of two (2) hours, will be charged and payable to the firm to address the issue at hand. The term of the afore-mentioned agreement would be still in place and enforce in addition to new fees.

Pay us via PayPal by following the link lodged in the button below.

Pay us via Zelle by searching for [email protected]

Pay us via CashAPP, if you are using a mobile device, by searching for $JudesJoseph once inside the app

Conventional payment methods, such cash or check, are preferred.