Prestige ProServe is offering an alternative to small and mid-size businesses’ owners who are too busy running their operations. Our associates vow that we can better help determine your financial standing, arrive at your actual and true bottom line, and show you exactly how money is spent in your business; meanwhile you can focus on what you do best. Our simple but effective model consists of not just providing a particular service to a business but rather to create and nurture a relationship conducive to growth. To all potential and current clients we pledge to:

  • Assume full responsibility of businesses’ accounting and related processes such that owners and personnel can focus on their operations.
  • Help businesses accurately capture, record, and analyze their transactions such that to help owners improve their decision making duties.
  • Alleviate burden of compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Be a source of informational resource.

Prestige ProServe offers an array of accounting services including those listed below and others:

  • Bookkeeping services - ssume clients’ bookkeeping function from entries through the creation of financial statements, and various other accounting reports such as bank reconciliation, budgeting, and cash forecasting, etc…
  • Escrow and trust reconciliation - Assist law firms in the reconciliation of their escrow and trust in compliance of state laws (Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts otherwise known as IOLTA).
  • Payroll services - Assume all payroll responsibilities for clients.
  • Onsite bookkeeping - Ledger support for investment firms or other large companies needing controllership supporting.

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